Plumbing is one of the most crucial aspects in a house. If the plumbing system in the house breaks down, everything else gets affected and your day to day activities are disrupted. Most of the plumbing pipes are made of PVC. PVC pipes are very durable, but there are factors that lead to degradation of these pipes over time. These factors can be external or internal. But as most of the pipes are buried and not easily accessible, it is not easy to check when the pipes are damaged. When the pipes do get damaged, you have two options – replacement or relining. Out of these, relining is the easier and cheaper option. relining a pipe involves placing a material inside the pipe and then inflating it. This forms an extra layer inside the pipe, making it stronger and more stable. But you can look out for the following symptoms and they will tell you whether the or not the pipes have to be relined.

1. Age: The most common reason for pipe relining is its age. If you know when your pipes were laid and if it has been a long time then it is time to reline your pipes to avoid any future problems.

2. Rust: Most of the pipes today are made of PVC. But if your house is old, your pipes will be made of some metal that would have begun rusting and this could be a plumbing nightmare. So if you can spot rust in the water, then it is time to reline the pipes.

3. Backing up of water: If the water in your pipes is backing up, then there is most probably something blocking the way. This is a clear indication that your pipes need to be relined.

4. Trees near pipes: If there are any trees near your pipes, then there is a possibility that the roots of the trees can disrupt the pipes and cause cracks in the pipes. Cracks in the pipes can lead to leakage from the pipes. So, if there are big trees near your pipeline, you should check the pipes to determine whether it needs relining.

5. Odor: The other most common symptom of a damaged or clogged pipe is the bad odor you will get from the pipe.

So, watch out for above signs to know when the plumping pipes need to be relined.

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