The roof above our heads is an essential part of any housing structure as it plays the role of protecting us from natural hazards such as: wind, rain and extreme heat. Homeowners therefore should not gamble as they look for the right pick for a roofing contractor to install, repair or totally replace their roof.
These are the top 4 elements that a homeowner should be on a look-out when choosing the right roofing contractor:


Price is not everything

Home-owners normally face the temptation of going for the cheapest deals in the market in an effort to save them from undertaking a costly construction. Going for the cheapest bid in the market does not necessarily guarantee quality roofing structure. To avoid spending more money on your roofing problems, ensure you are working with a reputable company. Do a thorough background check on your prospective roofing contractor company on the following areas: how long have they been in the business? Do they have a permanent physical address? How do other people rate their work? Who have they worked for locally? Do they have the proper licensing?



The right contractor should not offer you only one choice of roofing material and structure. He/she should give you a detailed quotation of different choice of materials that you can choose from to cater for your personalized roofing-needs. They should also provide in writing their terms and conditions for payment and the stipulated time that they intend to work on the project. Economically credible construction companies normally require a down-payment for their services hence beware of those that seek for the full-amount without having completed the construction.


Timely communication

The way a prospective roofing contractor communicates with you can tell a lot about their personality and most importantly their dedication to the roofing task that you have assigned them. A serious contractor will give you a detailed quotation on time, answer your calls/ messages/ emails in time and also show up on time.


Insurance and warranty

Make sure that the roofing-contractor has workers’ compensation. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the services being offered to you have the security of coverage. This is important as it caters for medical expenses in case a worker suffers an accident/injury construction of the roof. A good contractor will give you an extensive warranty that will save you the headache of paying for a contractor’s mistake yourself. This is really important.


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