Gym Workout Routines for Women



Are you doing too much cardio?  Are you running on the elliptical or cycling yourself to death, all in the name to shed a few pounds, or in some women’s cases a lot of pounds to lose?  If that’s the case, you will eventually hit the wall.  Many experts agree if you do too much cardio a large percentage of women will quit their workout routine.


To overcome this problem you need to do strength training.  You might be asking us why?  If you want a boost in your metabolism then you need to lift weights.  Lifting weights will give your metabolism such a boost that it will last well long after you’ve finished your workout, which leads to additional calories burned, which equals more fat loss, and all the while relaxing on the sofa or even sleeping.


If you’ve never done weight training, or stepping foot in a gym gives you the shakes, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got one of the best gym workout routines for women that any beginner can complete.  It will help you develop a good foundation to continue a strength training regiment as well as allow your body to adapt to strength training after you’re body has been long accustomed to cardio.  This workout changes over a five day period, but the moves are easy, the sets and reps. are easy to complete, but at the same time work your entire body.


You also should rest between each day of strength training or you can do light cardio.  Above, it might seem we were cursing cardio, but that’s not the case.  We are pro-cardio, however, if you want long term weight loss or weight loss management, you need to incorporate strength training.


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Each exercise from the workout above should be done as straight sets – meaning you complete the exercise with all the reps. completed before you move onto the next exercise.  For example, if you’re doing chest press and the notes read 3 sets of 12.  You would do one set of 12 reps., rest a minute, do the second set of 12 reps., rest a minute, and then do the last set of 12 reps.  Now you can move onto the next exercise.  This is one of the few straight set workouts.  Most workouts provided will be HIIT (high intensity interval training) or strength training interval training, which you move from exercise to exercise completing each rep. before being done with the set.  With each set you need to do a weight increase to help build strength, increase calorie burn, which in turn boosts metabolism and increase weight loss.








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