Shopping has never been more convenient due to the internet. You can browse and purchase just about anything online nowadays from groceries and gadgets to clothing and even pets. This article will help you to know what to look for when buying canaries online.



It is best to find a breeder that is reliable. You can check online reviews of what other people have said when purchasing from that specific breeder. Also, ask the breeder for referrals so that you can verify that he is indeed a good supplier. Find out as much as possible about the breeder. You want to be sure that the birds are healthy and well looked after because you won’t be able to inspect your canary physically in real life prior to purchasing.  The breeder I used to purchase a couple of canaries was Fly Babies Aviary, and I was very pleased with the outcome.





You need to consider the actual bird. Firstly, canaries are seasonal. This is due to their breeding habits. The best time to look for a canary would be to look for one in late summer. You don’t want a baby that is still going through the molting phase. This is a very nerve-racking time for the youngster and it may not be able to adapt well to its new home during this time.

If you are not able to physically collect the bird, you need to consider what impact shipping may have on your new feathered friend. All details must be carefully arranged with the breeder including transport, the carrier it will be shipped in and food for the bird when in transit.

Make sure that the fastest means to get the canary to its destination is chosen. Ask the airline if they offer special services in regards to animal shipping and counter to counter delivery.

Take note of the weather. Excessive cold or heat will not fare well for the traveling canary.


Before making any payments ensure that you have a “canary contract” in place. This contract should stipulate what will happen if there is something wrong with the bird or if it’s unhealthy and sickly. You may want to take the bird for a checkup so ensure that you have ample time to do so when the canary has arrived. This allocated time that you have to let the breeder know that you are happy with your purchase must be stipulated in the contract.

We hope this quick and easy guide to online canary shopping has helped you in experiencing both a good online transaction and the pleasure of your new companion in your home.

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