Birmingham is the cultural and entertainment capital of Alabama. It is also the most populous city, and it is alive and well with many families. What are some great family activities to do in Birmingham? This article is going to touch on the Top 10 Family Activities in Birmingham:


Vulcan Park and Museum

1. Vulcan Park and Museum– This park houses the world’s largest cast iron statue, and one of the nation’s greatest pieces of civil rights art. Vulcan is a 50 ton statues that symbolizes Birmingham’s steel and iron industry roots. The park is sprawling over 10 acres and is a must-see attraction.




Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum

2. Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum– If your family has any motorsport enthusiasts, then this is an awesome stop. This museum is filled with well-maintained vintage motorcycles. There is enough to look at to make an entire day trip out of the hundreds of motorsport vehicles on display.





Regions Field


3. Regions Field– If you are looking for family activities in Birmingham, then you need to visit Regions Field. Watch the Baron’s play baseball, and then head over to Railroad Park for some much needed relaxation.


Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

4. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute– If your family is looking for a more educational experience, this is the place to go! The full history and fight for American Civil Rights is showcased in this Institution.


McWane Science Center

5. McWane Science Center– For engaging family fun in Birmingham, check out the science center. Families of all ages can come to learn about science in a fast-paced and fun learning environment.


Birmingham Zoo

6. Birmingham Zoo– The zoo is full of exotic animals, and somedays you can even feed them! Take a break from the ordinary, and take your family here for a fun-filled adventure!


Birmingham Botanical Gardens

7. Birmingham Botanical Gardens– View the beautiful flora and fauna of Alabama. Take a stroll through the gardens and feel at peace with the earth. A nice outing for the family while in Birmingham. If you are a photography buff, then this is the time to whip out the camera for some great family photos!


16th Street Baptist Church

8. 16th Street Baptist Church– This church marks a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement. It is full of history and culture. There are also hauntings that have been recorded here, so a great place to take a curious family!  However, be aware that We Care Roofing was there putting on a new roof so construction can make it seem unseemly if you’re wanting to take pictures.


Southern Museum of Flight


9. Southern Museum of Flight– A great family activity in Birmingham is to stroll through this museum chalk full of aviation history.


Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve

10. Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve– A great place to leave the urban feel behind. Become one with nature as you hike thousands of acres of trails and listen to native birds and wildlife thrive.


There you have it! The Top 10 Family Activities in Birmingham. If you are in Alabama, this is a must-see city. You will find fun, culture, entertainment, learning, and beauty all within the city limits. If your family is looking for a daytrip, you can go to the science museum. If you are looking for an urban getaway, then the Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve may be more in tune to your family’s needs. Birmingham is filled with family activities that will bring you closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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